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Important notice

Important notice

To all our clients and friends

To all our fans, clients, friends and collaborators: we want to take a moment to share with you something that really bothers us, and has been affecting our business for some time.

For the last two years, people without ethics and scrupules have been working on discrediting us with lies and false stories which entirely contradict our usual practices, good service, transparency and commitment which usually distinguishes I Do Guatemala. This dreadful situation has taken us by surprise specially  considering the extent these individuals were willing to go through to defame us despite the fact that their arguments can be easily discredited.

A few weeks ago, their true intentions came afloat! It has been brought to our attention that all this time their original intention was to open a Destination Wedding business here in Guatemala! This explains all those malicious comments and actions that have been trying to harm our business all this time! We ask you to please don't let yourselves be misled by people that have neither the experience nor the ethics that you deserve. Also, please feel free anytime to openly let us know about any questions you may have regarding our services.

Best regards,

Diana Sciarrillo de Pinzón
Head Planner & Manager
I Do Guatemala

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