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Diana Sciarrillo

Who am I? Diana Sciarrillo, and I would love to introduce myself...

I have had a special love for planning for as long as I can remember. Gradually this passion grew into an ability to advise, create and organize events for dear friends and family, and my experience increased every year thanks to the numerous celebrations that people kept asking me to coordinate.

I always loved the idea of creating a company that would offer not only a personalized service to couples that wanted to marry, but that could create “the wedding of a lifetime” in a magnificent destination such as Guatemala. And after some hard working years I finally managed to follow my dream and founded I Do, Guatemala!

Because of my international background,( I am Italian and married to a Guatemalan), I fluently speak English, Spanish and Italian, so you can't really say that I have trouble in communicating! Up till now, I have been in the service business for over 20 years, and I have enjoyed covering every aspect of all the destination weddings that I have organized, from grand events as well as small intimate affairs.

I am really proud to know that we have helped many happy couples make their dream come true, always pouring our hearts out and going above and beyond for each and every one of them.

I listen to every wish that our brides and grooms have and make sure that it can be carried out; I carefully suggest and give counseling in the many decisions that couples have to make; I act as a median between them and the vendors; and most important of all, I always offer a completely personalized service.

My heart's mission is to ensure that I reach our couple's true needs and that's why for me the individuality of the couple is essential! As I always say:

“Destination weddings are not only about the event itself, but also about the memorable experience you leave in each guest's heart.”

Feel free to contact me!

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