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Thursday, 06 Dec, 2012

The advantages of having a wedding planner that takes care of everything leaving you with time for this.....




Friday, 04 Mar, 2011

On February 18th 2011, I met up with one of my January 2012 Couples. They had planned a trip over to Antigua and we took advantage of this and decided to organize a food tasting for them.

Tuesday, 25 Jan, 2011

First of all, you must find out whether the venue you have chosen provides the musicians for the ceremony. If it does, you will not need to sign a contract with them, just simply make sure you confirm with them how long you would like them to play for you and how much they charge. If, however, the venue does not provide the musicians, then make sure you establish in writing all the pertinent information. In any case, you will probably have to  give a 50% down payment to confirm the event.

When choosing the musicians make sure you ask the following questions:

Friday, 17 Dec, 2010

You can plan it yourself, but why try if you have experts at hand? Get a wedding planner! Destination weddings are not as easy as a wedding in a nearby venue...they involve many aspects that, if you are not familiar with the country, can be a little challenging!   You can still be involved in all the decisions with your destination wedding, but having someone helping you will make your life a whole lot easier!

Monday, 13 Dec, 2010

When contacting me, many people ask me "why would you say I should consider Antigua Guatemala as my destination for may wedding?

To that, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and let my heart do the talking!

Why Antigua Guatemala?

Antigua has a reputation for being a safe and authentic Latin American destination. It was originally Guatemala’s capital, and has maintained much of its old charm. Being surrounded by volcanoes (some active), it truly is a beautiful setting!

Saturday, 04 Dec, 2010

It all started at 8:00 am in Antigua Guatemala, when a fabulous breakfast buffet was set out in the terrace of El Convento's rooftop. Guests were excited while they filled their plates with delicious " frijoles volteados", "platanos fritos", eggs, bread, and a variety of fruit juices. Despite the weather predictions, the morning  broke with a gorgeous sun shining in a clear blue sky! 9:30 arrived in no time. The wedding party, together with the bride and groom, made their way to Antigua Guatemala's very own Cathedral in front of the park for the rehearsal.

Friday, 03 Dec, 2010

In case a professional is not there to help you out once it is time to cut the cake, we have gathered a few tips that will help you cut it!

Friday, 19 Nov, 2010

Unless you are a wedding planner, you are probably not an expert in organizing a wedding, particularly because this is probably your first (and only) wedding you will plan. For this reason, we would  like to present you with the ten most common mistakes made by couples when organizing a wedding.

Wednesday, 17 Nov, 2010

Why stick to the ordinary? How about making your wedding ceremony special? If you have already chosen Antigua Guatemala as your are already a step ahead! Now add some special details.....

  • Include a wine ceremony
  • Include the unity candle ceremony
  • Give a single flower from your bouquet to both your mother and mother in law as you walk down the aisle
  • Take your vows by candle light
  • Have the church bells ring immediately as you are declared husband and wife


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