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10 Tips To Look Great on Your Destination Wedding Day!

10 Tips To Look Great on Your Destination Wedding Day!

It is quite normal to want to look gorgeous on your Wedding Day! Every single bride does!

And it is more than understandable that,  if you are going to get married away from home, you are even more nervous, than usual. It's not where you usually live,  you can't really look around or ask around. So, how can you look fantastic?

A destination wedding does have  some difficulties that brides have to face. There are many cases where the bride doesn't know the language; or where she is not familiar with the places to go for hair and make-up; nor does she know which are the right professionals to contact.

But there are some things that you can have totally under control! If you follow these tips, you will definitively help in looking  your best on your big day, being Trendy and Impeccable at the  same time!

So here goes:

  1. Tendency asks for brides to have a natural make-up, with an "aristocratic" touch.
  2. Take care of your skin.  Clean it with a scrub, hydrate it and nourish it at least two months before the destination wedding.
  3. Careful of the Shiny Effect!  Say no to pearly eye shadow and any kind of make-up that has the shiny effect! Your pictures will come great.
  4. Less is best. The protagonist of the story is not the make-up you are wearing but you! Make sure you have a natural but trim look.
  5. Remember always to prepare your skin for make-up.
  6. Make sure you have make up trials before choosing your make-up artist!
  7. Choose a natural look that reflects who you are!
  8. Don't tan close to the wedding date!
  9. Control eyebrows and hairs on your face  the day before the wedding, to avoid reddening or irritations.
  10. Make sure you use waterproof mascara.


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