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5 Things To Keep in Mind When You Are Having a Destination Wedding.

Many brides and grooms after getting married, complain about “why they didn't do this”, or “how come they never thought of that”, or “if only I would have known this”. So we thought that it would help all the new brides and grooms to know before hand a few important things that will make you appreciate your Destination Wedding much more!

Destination weddings are great when you want your wedding to be warm and intimate. We all know that to have 60 guests coming to your destination wedding or to have 150, makes a big difference!With a smaller group it is easier to have a one-on-one time with each of your guests, enjoying their company and sharing a magnificent experience with them.

(Keep in mind that generally 20% of your invited guests decline when you have a local wedding, and in a destination wedding the percentage increases to almost 40%).

Make sure that you stop and cherish these moments. It is your special day, and it goes so fast! But do stop at some point throughout your celebration (for example when everyone i

s having dinner, and mostly are talking amongst themselves, laughing, drinking and enjoying themselves). Stop and try to take it all in! Look around and try to memorize every detail that you see, what you feel! Observe your guests, look at them carefully and remember that these are the people who are there for the two of you...

Remember that it is Your day, so delegate, delegate, delegate! It is your day, and you certainly don't want to have any responsibilities that will keep you distracted, busy or even worried about seeing that things are working out or not! You should be relaxing and enjoying every minute and your only worry should be showing up and getting married! So make sure that you delegate to your wedding planner, to your maid of honor, to your favorite aunt, or best man!

Slow down on the drinking! Believe me, you will want to remember everything that happened at your Destination Wedding, so don't drink too much! It doesn't matter if you are paying for the alcohol, or your friends want to invite you, or if everyone is drinking.

You don't want to find your self the next day without knowing what happened or having to ask around to know how your magnificent evening ended!


Do you want absolutely everyone seeing your destination wedding pictures? Make sure that you do take time to consider how you both feel about having ALL your Facebook “friends” (ex boyfriends & girlfriends, nosy far-off relatives, etc. ) seeing all of your Destination Wedding pictures. You can keep those special intimate moments between you and your guests, if you like!

All you have to do is tell your guests, politely but firmly, that you prefer not to have the pictures published everywhere, but rather in one place where you can all have access and share it. Make sure to invite your guests to freely take as many photos as they like during your Destination wedding, and then use an app, for example WedPics, where both videos and pictures can be uploaded. This way, both you and all your guests can enjoy looking at the pictures privately, and you will easily avoid having absolutely everyone seeing the pictures.

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