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5 Tips on How to Choose Your Destination Venue

5 Tips on How to Choose Your Destination Venue

"What place can we choose to get married? Is it better to have the reception outside under the stars, or in a lovely ancient ruin?"

"How can we decide which is the best option for us?"

Are these questions familiar?

From our experience, we, I, Do Guatemala,  know that one of the most important factors that a couple needs to evaluate is which venue to choose for their destination wedding. After having gone through difficult moments in deciding what location is going to be ideal for your destination wedding, now you also need to decide what venue you will pick!

So....Since we do have "some experience" we decided to jot down 5 tips to keep in mind when choosing your ideal destination venue. Here goes:

1.  An attractive background gives the perfect touch to  your wedding pictures. Make sure that you look around, that you keep your eyes open. Try and imagine the place surrounded by candles, decorated with flowers, full of people, etc. It will help you have a clearer idea when deciding if the venue is the best one for you.

2.   When at the venue, take a few hours ahead of time to visit it thoroughly.  You most probably have never been there before, and it's important to have a discerning eye to see where it would be magnificent to  have your dream destination wedding.

3.  Find out about the services that the venue offers. For example, the choice of venues in Antigua Guatemala can vary immensely starting from ruins, (San Jose El Viejo),  to ex-convents, (Las Capuchinas), from gardens or parks, (El Cerro de la Cruz),  to ex- churches (La Ermita).

They can all be excellent options, just make sure you inform yourself on what they offer, what restrictions they have, what is included in permission pass the venue gives you, when you can start your event and when it needs to be finished. These factors are really essential to know before deciding which venue you pick for your destination wedding.

4.  Ask your wedding planner if what you have in mind for your wedding decor works for the venue you like. You might have a wonderful idea but maybe it is not feasible for practical reasons, and someone with experience can easily help you in finding the best solution!

5. Be flexible with your choice. It is important to have an open mind when considering the best venue for you. You might surprise yourself!

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