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An Amazing Light Show: Fireworks!

An Amazing Light Show: Fireworks!

   Here is a lovely idea for your wedding! What about using fireworks in your wedding?

It certainly gives the "extravagant" touch to any special event, and they are lovely spectacle for everyone, both adults and children.

Many couples when they're getting married, love the idea of having something original and spectacular to offer their guests, so that people keep talking    after the wedding is over, and remember what a wonderful event it was.

Why not have a wonderful exposition of lights in the sky? You can have them right after the ceremony, or when you are entering the reception area, or when you are leaving in your "magical carriage". You can also have them before the cutting of the cake, or before the first waltz.

It really is up to you when you would like to offer this. Of course, it is not that simple if you want to do it when you are having your ceremony in a ruin, since they don't allow it, but we can help you in this!

Also, you decide for how long you would like them to be: two minutes, three, five, it's up to you. And everyone loves to see how the sky lights up with all kinds of different types of colours!

And how can you be distinct from the other usual fireworks shows? Match the lights in the sky with flowing music! It certainly is an excellent way to astonish your guests, and the music gives it a very romantic and powering effect.
A beautiful musical show, to enlighten hearts!


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