Have you ever wondered if you are a couple that can have a wedding in a faraway location? Would you be ready to have a destination wedding?

It is not a simple as it sounds! Many people are not capable of delegating, or able to let another person handle their affairs, make decisions, etc.  They need to have everything under their complete control and feel very uncomfortable in not knowing what is happening in every single detail.

To have a destination wedding you need to be able to trust people, to accredit others to do things, to delegate! In other words, you need to be able to relax and let someone else take the reins in hand!

We thought that it could be helpful if we gave some suggestions on how to be able to see if you are ideal for a DESTINATION WEDDING.

Here are 5 tips:

1) Make sure that you can handle taking decisions via telephone and emails, leaving control to the person that you chose to be your wedding planner. Having chosen a faraway location means that you can't really do much from where you are, therefore, you need to be able to know how to handle communication with your wedding planner, who will be the one that will take the decisions of most of the logistical aspects of your event.

2)  You must be able to delegate the planning of your magical event to this wedding planner, trusting her taste and listening to her/his advice. The wedding planner lives in the location, therefore has the feel of the place better than you, knows how people work there, how efficient they are, what you can ask or not ask.

3) You must be able to trust the wedding planner that you hired. This is essential. Once you chose your wedding planner, make sure that you allow yourselves to trust her/him. This helps to avoid having the whole process of organizing your magical event turn out to be a tragic one.

4) Be ready to listen to your wedding planner's vendor recommendations. It is essential that you feel that the wedding planner  you chose has the knowledge and experience in this field.  You certainly won't be that much of an expert in knowing who are the right vendors to choose from and this is something that your wedding planner has experience in. It is the wedding planner's job to know who are the right people to work with, or which vendor is best according to what your needs are, or  who would be the ideal one to provide the best service for you.  You need to be able to feel confident with this, and let her/him advice you.

5) Be ready to just sit back and have fun when you get there! You job is that of not worrying about anything, that's why you have hired a wedding planner. He/She is the one that has to make sure that everything is ready for you before you arrive. She/He is the one that has  to carry the weight of making sure things are working the way you both planned them. You just need to enjoy every minute of it!



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