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The best "Save the date" card for your Destination Wedding?

We know that one of the first things that you need to do after deciding when your Destination Wedding is going to be, is to have ready your "save the date" cards to send to your guests!

It is already hard enough to set the date, but it is even harder to make sure that the people you want to invite are free and are not taking off for a vacation, or something like that!

So..............once you have set the date, you need to make sure that you prepare as soon as possible those small memorable cards,  communicating this special date to your guests, and asking them to " save it" for you.

We advise you to send this "save the date" invitation, at least 4 to 6 months in advance, but if you feel like sending them 8 months before, it is more than fine!

By the time you start doing these cards, you should already know where you will be having your destination wedding. It is important that  you can add this information, so that your guests know where these wonderful event will take place.


These cards should have the names of the future bride and groom, the date and the location.

And how is this invitation supposed to be? It really is up to you. Nowdays, there are plenty of different ideas that can be used so it depends on what you like.





Here are some ideas that you can consider:

A simple card, written in your computer and stamped; it can be a card with a small logo that identifies you as a couple.

An e-mail, a bit more elaborated, with more details on when you decided, or how it happened.


A lovely post card of the place where you will be doing your destination wedding.

A collage of meaningful photos and turn them into a postcard.



save the date11




A photo of you two, taken in the location that you chose (if you have been there!) to get married.






A personal warm letter, handwritten, where you elaborate on the details of how you met, etc.





A card that when opened, the details literally come tumbling out.











A customizable paper block, which is printed with your wedding date.





Customized printed matchboxes.



save the date5


A sticker, that the guest can peel,  and stick it to their calendars.




An outline of the surrounding area where you will be getting married, and then pinpoint the location with a star, a heart, etc.  A luggage tag-shaped card.    A letterpress “boarding pass”.


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