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The best tips for choosing a Destination Wedding Cake!

If we are having a Destination Wedding, shall we have a wedding cake?

What is the trend with wedding cakes? Is it better to have a wedding cake or just a dessert bar?

Wedding cake have always been one of the most high-profile aspects of any wedding reception, and they still are. They are usually displayed at the reception, in an important area where all the guests can admire it. They are never simple, and need to be uniquely designed, with interesting flavors and quite stunning. For some couples it is a MUST, for others it's just another factor to consider. Trends come and go.  It's still not passé to serve a cake, but there is certainly a no-cake trend. Some couples are serving cupcakes instead of one big cake,  others love the idea of having a table set with a vast variety of cake pops, or a miniature cake island.   And now the latest trend is a "naked cake" (unfrosted cakes)!

So this means that in the end, the decision is up to you.  There really is no correct answer, or the right thing to do.  It really depends on what YOU want, and the fact that you are having a destination wedding doesn't change anything at all. You just need to be a bit more organized and also make sure that whatever idea comes up in your head, you discuss it with your wedding planner, so that she/he understands exactly what you have in mind.


1.  The first thing is to look around, find the style that you like best for your wedding cake. It really is important that you take a look at pictures, magazines, reviews, etc. to see what is it that you like in your cake. There are many shapes that a cake can have, beyond the traditional round cake: square, petal, hexagonal,  oval, mixed, etc.  When it comes to icing, you can chose from buttercream and whipped to fondant. Check with the wedding planner on the weather, since it is important that the icing won't melt, with the heat...Decide on the theme and color you would like.

2.    Analyze the location, the fashion, nature, etc. these can bring inspirations to your cake. You can decide to add a special touch by giving a detail from your dress, or a flower that means something to you. If you want a less formal wedding cake, use cupcakes, cake pops, or even pies as options. Individual cupcakes give you the possibility of offering different flavors of cakes to your guests. You can also, just skip  the cake altogether and go for a dessert bar with smaller original cakes, french pastries and doughnuts. This fun treat offers a variety of options and certainly keeps your guests busy!

3. Wedding cakes will have to now be much more than a mere decoration- they got to taste good too! Make sure that you talk to your wedding planner and decide what are the flavors you like best. Once you have chosen the design and type/shape of the cake, you need to decide with which cake designer you will work with. Ask your wedding planner to give you three options,  and to send you pictures of what these cake designers have done, what style they have.      

4. When you will visit the location, make sure that you set an appointment to taste the cakes, asking each cake designer to have three options for you. Make sure that you have given them the guide lines of what you want.


5. Once you chosen the cake, decide on your servings. That is so important, since it can blow your budget, or half of the cake remains to be thrown away, specially if you are leaving the next day together with most of your guests. This is what Brittany Woodson says, in her article posted on "Your Smoking Mountain Wedding", named: 5 tips to choosing the perfect wedding cake:

"Often, a bride and groom will be seen cutting a cake that is too small to feed guests, while there are sheet cakes sliced by wait staff that are designed to match. This saves money because sheet cakes are more inexpensive and easier to slice.  If you’d rather only serve the single wedding cake, the easiest way to determine the size needed is knowing how many people each layer will serve. For fewer servings, subtract a tier. For larger servings, add a tier. Couples never want to run out of slices for guests, but there’s also no need to pay for a cake with leftovers to feed 50.  A petal cake results in less servings per layer, which means a larger cake might be needed. Whereas, a round or square cake might allow for more slices because of the simple shape. Though most cake shapes allow for a similar number of servings, be sure to speak with your baker to make sure there will be plenty to go around the wedding reception."






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