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The Best Way to Organize Your Destination Wedding

The Best Way to Organize Your Destination Wedding

The term Destination Wedding is usually organized through out a series of days, with different events planned each day.  Most Destination Weddings are done in a week end or a long week end period, which automatically implies that there have to be a choice of interesting activities to pick from for the guest to do, and that there have to be occasions when all the guests will meet, share meals, drink a cocktail, etc.

All these events have to be organized and scheduled by you, since the reason that these people are all together temporarily at this location, is  just for the both of you!

But don't panic!!!  Here is an outline of how you can plan and organize the various activities that can be done each day, starting from Thursday and ending  Sunday,  assuming that Saturday afternoon/night  is when the ceremony and reception will take place.


Family Dinner:

Bride and Groom, their parents , brothers and sisters.

It can be either very elegant, or quite informal it’s up to the Bride and Groom!


Day when most of guests will arrive:

have a shuttle service or taxi that pick up the guests and takes them to their hotel,

have a nice cocktail area where guests can have a welcome drink, so that they can meet other guests and family



Bride and Groom, parents, and all the people that are involved in this (groomsmen, bride maids, readers, singers, priest, etc.)

If possible at the place where the real ceremony will take place


Rehearsal Dinner/Cocktail:

The same group at the rehearsal is invited to the dinner/cocktail, but the rest of the guests can be invited to an after party/cocktail, where drinks and snacks are offered

Here you can organize a show, a treasure hunt, a game, etc.


Wedding Day:

You can plan for the groomsmen and other guests, fishing, gym, etc.

You can plan for the bridesmaid and other guests, spa day, hair and manicure / pedicure, etc.

You can propose tours in the city or outside the city.


Ceremony & Reception:

If not easy to reach, then you must organize a shuttle/taxi service that takes the guests where the ceremony & reception will take place (and back)



Informal,  where people are free to attend or not attend

If the newlyweds haven’t left then they can arrive to say good bye to everyone.

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