Cecilia and Gaudi | I Do, Guatemala

Cecilia and Gaudi

Well, here is another of our Destination Wedding couples: Cecilia and Gaudi. May your heart be always full of joy!   This magnificent Destination Wedding took place in Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala. They chose as their venue Casa Santo Domingo, an exquisite location in Antigua. 

It has an beautiful internal open chapel, la Capilla Nuestra Señor del Rosario, where Cecilia and Gaudi made their vows, together with their friends and families.       There's an original and unique touch: the choice of the lovely alfombras (typical Guatemalan designed "carpets" made out of colored saw dust or/and flowers) alternated with  the clear long vases with a floating candles. This gave a very romantic touch to the small intimate chapel.                         

Also, they chose to bond their marriage with the traditional "lazo", a beautiful decorated "lasso" (similar to a rosary) that symbolizes their union. This is another Latin American tradition, which gives a very unique and romantic touch to the wedding!                     

The reception was organized in a wide  space, with a mixture of round and square tables, with draping hanging from the ceiling. It created an elegant yet warm environment.   And everyone seemed to be overjoyed, more than willing to have an excellent time with the bride and groom...... Here are more pictures!    

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