Danny and Pao's Wedding | I Do, Guatemala

Danny and Pao's Wedding

Danny and Pao's Wedding

November 26th was beautifully marked by the Strong-Vasquez wedding celebration.

It all started at 8:00 am in Antigua Guatemala, when a fabulous breakfast buffet was set out in the terrace of El Convento's rooftop. Guests were excited while they filled their plates with delicious " frijoles volteados", "platanos fritos", eggs, bread, and a variety of fruit juices. Despite the weather predictions, the morning  broke with a gorgeous sun shining in a clear blue sky! 9:30 arrived in no time. The wedding party, together with the bride and groom, made their way to Antigua Guatemala's very own Cathedral in front of the park for the rehearsal. Bridesmaids, Groomsmen  and family nervously adapted to their role in the procession.

All the while,  I Do, Guatemala, headed by Diana,  was working behind the scenes making sure every little detail was in place for the grand event. 225 people were expecting a wedding reception of a lifetime and it is exactly what they were going to obtain! Hundreds of phone conversations went to and fro between head planner Diana and Tuc Tuc Driver, Edgar in order to guarantee a perfectly synchronized Tuc Tuc train around the park and the pebbled streets of Antigua to the Desired Venue: the Capuchina Convent. Convento Capuchina's  Circular atrium was dramatically being turned into a breathtaking wedding reception hall. tables adorned the atrium around the ancient fountain, Centerpieces were being placed, cake was being delivered...everything was coming together smoothly....until the raindrops started falling.....oh the unexpected forces of nature! Prayers being said, El Convento's staff quickly set about covering tables and chairs while firmly believing that the rain would pass....and it did!

7:00 pm arrived in a blink of an eye and everyone was ready at the Cathedral's steps. The bride's best friend sang to the sound of a marimba playing in the background while the Priest, a close friend of the Vasquez family, delivered his sermon to the newly weds...touching..... Once pictures had been taken, the wedding party was greeted (and surprised) by a train of Tuc Tucs carefully selected and adorned to take them to the reception. Bride Paola, with the help of head planner Diana, had a wonderful surprise for the husband; THE SECOND LINE, a New Orleans wedding tradition,  was organized. Tuc Tuc passengers were handed out cloth napkins and umbrellas to wave around while the Tuc Tucs paraded around the streets of Antigua, escorted by local police, who made sure every corner of the trail from the Cathedral to the Capuchina Convent was traffic free!

Once the wedding party arrived to destination, the band selected by the couple, Grupo Karibbean, was prompt to play "Oh When the Saints Go Marching By" as the couple headed the wedding party into the Circular courtyard, waving around their own personal umbrellas adorned New Orleans style! Local guests were astounded as they watched the  parade go by...joining in in glee!

Not one of the guest present had anything but wonderful comments about the food,the cake, the music and the "entertainment" of the night.... Wedding: Strong-Vasquez Photographer: Rodolfo Walsh (his pictures to come) Florist: Monica de Quiñonez Band: Grupo Karibbean Caterer: Siitz, El Convento Cake: Ceci De La Roca Planners: Diana Sciarrillo and Romie Black for I Do, Guatemala

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