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December, an excellent period for a Destination Wedding in Antigua Guatemala.

December, an excellent period for a Destination Wedding in Antigua Guatemala.

Which is the best period to have a destination wedding? And  when is the best time to get married here in Guatemala, in this wonderful incredible country ?

We have had so many destination weddings through out the year, and they have all came out more than splendidly no matter what season it was!  Of course, rain is not one the best friends that a bride can have , and Guatemala is known to have a rainy season. But here, the rainy season, means that yes,  it usually rains almost everyday, but not throughout the entire day. That's what so amazing!  The rain starts pouring down after lunch until around 4 o'clock and then the sun comes out again.  Everybody knows this, and people  organize themselves around this.

Although this is slightly changing, as in all over the world, we can say that getting married from June/July to September  means that there is a high possibility that it will rain.   So we tend to advice our clients that if they get married from October to May it is very improbable that their destination wedding will turn out slightly "wet".

And  December! Well, December is an excellent period to have your destination wedding in Antigua Guatemala. The weather is great, the sun shines immensely and at night the stars are so very bright in a clear dark blue sky. The probability that it will rain are almost zero, and it's definitely not cold at all. As Guatemalans always say, " In Guatemala the weather is always an Eternal Spring". So...getting married in the evening light, out  in the open air  in an ancient  colonial convent, with the ruins of an 18th century majestic fountain, does sound magnificent...!

Also, considering that in December most people tend to have holidays,  getting married in this month means that you can easily combine your standard holidays to the destination wedding date and therefore manage to stay more time in this beautiful country. You can then not only visit Antigua, but also go to Panajachel and admire lake Atitlan,  visit Tikal, one of the magnificent Mayan sites immersed in the jungle, marvel at the Lankin caves near Coban, delight at Cemuc Champey. and so on... There are so many natural wonders to appreciate in Guatemala!

Many of our couples who have chosen Guatemala for their destination wedding, have picked December as their wedding month, and they all were more than happy about it.





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