Antigua Guatemala is a state of the arts location, however planning a wedding from afar can be quiet a challenge! Dave and Brea Kopetsky just had a wonderful wedding celebration in Antigua Guatemala and wrote the following:

"Coming from the states, we first tried to plan our dream Antigua, Guatemala wedding ourselves.  Then we got connected with I Do Guatemala.  In the end Brea and I both agree that there is NO WAY we could have pulled off such an event without their assistance!

Diana and Romie far exceeded all of our wedding expectations.  It was our first time to Antigua, Guatemala and didn't know what to expect, but in the end couldn't have been happier with the choice!  It was also, more importantly, the first time any of our guests had been to Antigua, Guatemala.  Romie and Diana went above and beyond to make sure all of our guests had a great time and felt comfortable from their flight in to their flight out.

All of the wedding choices I Do Guatemala helped us with turned out to be quite elegant and tasteful.  They even threw in some amazing surprises.  Diana and Romie were with us from beginning to end and kept much of the wedding day stress off of us.  We were left to truly enjoy ourselves and the experience.  Many of our guests told us that this was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended.

Getting married in a different country can initially be filled with many unknowns.  Trust us when we tell you that you are in great hands with I Do Guatemala.   We would highly recommend them to anyone for planning services of any kind!"

Dave and Brea

Colorado, USA

If you are considering getting married in Antigua, Guatemala, we strongly advice you doing so with the help of a professional wedding planning service. If you'd like to contact I Do, Guatemala, click on the link below.

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