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Destination Wedding Invitations

Destination Wedding Invitations

Are destination wedding invitations different from regular wedding invitations? This is a question I have been asked many times.....and  all I can tell you is what I know.....The real difference between the two is the guest list.

Planning a destination wedding in Antigua Guatemala, for example, is a wonderful way to show your great sense in style and your love for adventure in the midst of ancient ruins....however, how many of your friends are willing to take up such an adventurous journey? It is one thing to be invited to a wedding....we are used to this...yes, we have to go out and get a great dress and neat shoes.. Other than that, not much planning is involved...BUT getting invited to go to ANTIGUA GUATEMALA? That is a whole different story!

The great thing about destination weddings however, is that the people who will be at your wedding will be people who really want to be there...... This is why I strongly suggest to think closely about who you will be inviting to your destination wedding..Don't go out and make a long list of 300 people just because...Choose your guests carefully... Make sure they are people who are close to you, people you care about!

But however you go about your guest list keep these simple suggestions in mind:

  • Make sure you send wedding invitations to your guests well in advance. The typical eight week deadline won't do. I would suggest at least 10 weeks. Your guests need time to make travel arrangements, so sending your wedding invitations as early as possible ensures that the maximum number of friends and loved ones will be present. Also, it allows you to go back and invite those guests you had to cut from the list because of various limitations, should many decline. Usually, 20-25% of guests decline. For destination weddings the average goes up a bit to 30%.
  • Include directions cards or maps in each wedding invitation to help your guests navigate the destination city.
  • Create a wedding website or blog  to keep your guests informed of your plans, including any additional information you can find about hotel and travel deals.
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