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Destination Wedding? Think about this!

Destination Wedding? Think about this!

You can plan it yourself, but why try if you have experts at hand? Get a wedding planner! Destination weddings are not as easy as a wedding in a nearby venue...they involve many aspects that, if you are not familiar with the country, can be a little challenging!   You can still be involved in all the decisions with your destination wedding, but having someone helping you will make your life a whole lot easier!

ESCAPE!!! A lot of couples assume that their guests will only do a long weekend, and then they will have the destination to themselves after the wedding.  This is partially true - most guests do book packages less than a week long, but others may not.  This means that you will be running into all your friends and family when you're really going to want some alone time.  Do yourself a favor and either plan to move to anther venue, or an entire different country after your destination wedding.

Groups do not necessarily mean you get insane discounts!. Get out of the idea that just because you are traveling with a group that you will get some insanely low rate, it's not going to happen.  Yes, if you are planning a destination wedding with a good wedding planner then you'll receive some benefits, but the main benefit is actually making sure that everybody has a room and is paying the same amount.  As room availability at a hotel gets slim, they usually charge more, and once they sell out...those guests that waited too long are out of luck.

Don't overdo it! I know that planning a traditional wedding includes getting really detailed about how everything will be decorated.  Do you know why?  Usually it's because the venue NEEDS to be decorated in order to look nice.  Most couples planning a destination wedding are having their ceremonies in an incredible area that has amazing natural beauty (Ruins, beaches, gardens).  Let nature speak for itself.

You don't need to pay for everything! The great thing about destination weddings is that there is no book of etiquette written on planning them!. It's not like a traditional wedding where there are fairly set rules on what you are expected to do.  It is common knowledge that destination wedding couples don't pay for anybody expect themselves.  With that being said, if you have extra money you certainly can get charitable and help certain people out.  Some couples choose to offer a kind of voucher for guests (a certain $ amount per person), to help defray costs.  But again, it's not necessary.

Hope these tips help!!

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