After doing some research to see if we could give some extra information on how to help your destination wedding guests save some money on their flights,  we found this article, on, which we think could be more than useful. It has been published on January 16, 2014, so it is very recent.  Once you read it all, you will certainly know how to move to get those "good" prices for your guests,  specially if they are a large group of relatives that need to travel from different places, but get to the same location!

 " What Airlines Offer Discounts on Flights for Wedding Parties

If you haven’t received your save the date card—don’t worry—it’s on the way, as the 2014 wedding season will arrive before you know it. For those planning their big day, or those just showing up to have a good time, there’s a lot more to prepare for if the event takes you far from home.

Naturally, the airlines know all about destination wedding travel, and they’re happy to help. Here’s their deals on group travel, weddings, and how to get from here to there with a crowd:


Alaska Airlines – Wedding Travel

The folks over at Alaska Airlines have a couple options from which to choose. For those that want—or just need—to all be on the same flight they offer up a discount for a minimum of 10 travelers, and they even allow unlimited name changes on the tickets for up to three days before departure. The other option requires at least 20 passengers, but they can be flying from all over the place as long as they end up in the same spot.

The carrier offers up a discount code to the group, and you can just send people to to make their booking and enter the code. Best of all free tickets for use by the couple to be married could be an option, as they’ll throw them in if 40 or more guests are also signed up for the wedding using the approved meeting code.


American Airlines – Wedding Travel

Give American Airlines a call—or fill out a form online—if you need help doing the group travel thing. As part of their American Airlines Group & Meeting Travel group, they have what they call “a unique wedding travel package.” Of course that includes a discount off the lowest applicable airfare, but you also score complimentary wedding invitation inserts to pass the word about the discount. We’re just not sure if the design of these will be worthy of Pinterest.

Anyway, these discounts are only available 10 or more of your out-of-town guests who travel to your ceremony and reception aboard American Airlines.


Delta – Group Travel

They say traveling in a group is more fun on the Delta website, so we guess they’re all about it—even though we might have to disagree (depends on the group!). Delta is similar to the other major carriers in that they want at least 10 travelers heading to the same destination. One of the segments must be the same across everyone’s itinerary, so it sounds like you can all depart from different cities as long as you all meet up during your connection.

Call them or submit your proposal online, and someone from the group sales department will get back to you with what you need to do next.


Hawaiian Airlines - Wedding Wings

A wedding in Hawaii sounds like fun to us, and if we have to travel to some far away destination an island is never a bad choice. Hawaiian Airlines has a program called Wedding Wings, and that helps those planning their big day to Invite guests, coordinate group travel, and even track bookings.

Score 10% off the airfare for wedding couples, and 5% off the airfare for those in attendance. Wedding couples can even score first class upgrades during one-way of their journey—assuming that 25 guests book their airfare through the program.


United Airlines – United Groups

It doesn’t seem like United cares if you’re wearing white, but they are happy to help out with your group travel needs regardless of your event, outing, or field trip. Just like with American Airlines you’re going to need to give them a call or fill things out online, as they are basically reviewing your proposal to see what they can offer. With them it’s 10 or more travelers heading to the same destination, but they make it sound like you need to be on the same flight.

If you like the deal and discount they offer, you’ll also score a group coordinator to assist at the airport and priority check-in. Unfortunately, no first class upgrade or anything similar for the guests of honor; however, it wouldn’t hurt to ask in your initial inquiry.


Everyone Else

Other carriers like Virgin America and JetBlue also offer up some options when it comes to group travel, but it’s pretty much the same as the major carriers. It will require 10 or more travelers, and you need to let them know in advance to determine the best discount or deal. Bottom line is that each airline will handle things different based on your destination and group, but if you’re looking for something above and beyond for your wedding—Hawaiian Airlines seems to do the best job here; however, you need to be traveling to one of their destinations." 

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We hope that now you feel more sure of yourselves, and know what to do and what to ask the airlines too! Our advice is try and find out how many people will really go to your destination wedding, so that you have a valid  number to work on, and can negotiate better with them.

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