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Excellent Reasons To Have Your Wedding Away From Home.

Excellent Reasons To Have Your Wedding Away From Home.

        I love what Precious White wrote in her article, when she presents the "5 reasons to say I DO away from home". Precious White is a local Paulding resident and former educator in the Paulding County School System. She has recently opened a travel agency!

She says that:
1.  "Planning a destination wedding is relatively stress-free compared to traditional weddings". Of course, you need to hire a wedding planner, best if local, but you coordinate everything through her, and avoid the problem of having thousands of suppliers contacting you and asking you questions, being presented thousands of different budgets for various things, trying to coordinate the flowers, the music, the ceremony, the reception, the catering,  filling out extensive paperwork and  booking multiple venues etc.   With a wedding planner, she coordinates your destination wedding, and the package you agree with her always  includes many more services and perks than doing everything yourself.


2.  If you are a bride and groom that come from different home towns, it becomes a problem deciding where the event will take place!  As Precious White says: " Having a destination wedding provides a neutral spot to which everyone travels for your joyous occasion. Furthermore, when planning a traditional wedding, you'll notice that everyone, from your future mother-in-law to your sister or best friend, is going to have "friendly advice," and that can get old quickly. If you have a destination wedding, you'll get to do it your way, with little stress from dealing with people who want to give their two cents on the matter." Now isn't this so true! This way you prevent any kind of discussions, or terrible fights with your fiancée because of your or his mother's interference!

3.  How often do we hear brides complaining on how their fiancée don't participate at all in the planning of the wedding? How they prefer just to say: "honey, whatever you decide, for me is fine!" while watching their favorite football match? Well,  "Grooms get more involved in destination wedding planning because they tend to enjoy organizing the smaller events such as group excursions and happy hour get-togethers with the wedding guests."

4.  "With a destination wedding in an exotic (or romantic, or magical) setting, your location of choice supplies the theme, from a tropical garden fairytale to a sea-inspired gathering. When you choose an amazing backdrop, all it needs is love to dress it up". So you don't need to spend on creating the environment, because it is already there, just as you chose it!

5.  And the last reason is the one I love the best.  Quality Time!

Usually when you get married, you barely have time to enjoy your guests! A standard wedding tends to last from 5 to 6 hours, and all you manage to do is run from one place to the other, trying to follow on everything that has to be done, hoping for the best, and not being able to spend much time with anyone! Your objective is to say "hello and thank you for coming" to everyone that is present, and the worse thing is that afterwards, you won't be able to remember all the people that came to your wedding!   "A destination-do typically lasts a minimum of three days and the fun begins at lift-off. Now that you've narrowed your wedding guest list to only your nearest and dearest, you can actually spend quality time with them!"  Your closets friends and family will be the ones attending your destination wedding, so you and your groom will be able to enjoy every minute with them.  You can organize different events with them, take them sight-seeing,  spend a spa day with the ladies, or  a golf day for the gentlemen, have fun in salsa lesson party, or have a pupusa midnight snack at the house where you are all staying! Have Fun!



Thank you to Precious White! The quotes have been taken from her article : " 'tis the season to be married, 5 reasons to say I do in paradise".

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