FOOD TASTING...the most incredible experience! | I Do, Guatemala

FOOD TASTING...the most incredible experience!

FOOD TASTING...the most incredible experience!

On February 18th 2011, I met up with one of my January 2012 Couples. They had planned a trip over to Antigua and we took advantage of this and decided to organize a food tasting for them.

I have done many a food tastings but NONE like this one.... I had sent Karen and Jay the menus for them to choose from..well they practically chose almost EVERYTHING ON THE MENU.

They later confessed that they thought that the chef would have chosen some dishes from the list they sent...but NO. My caterers, Siitz, El Convento, are great with me and treat my clients incredibly well....Chef Arlene went wild and prepared the WHOLE THING....I AM TALKING ABOUT MORE THAN 18 COURSES and the most amazing thing of all, is that they were not even tasters portions.....THEY WENT ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! ONE DISH PER PERSON..............FULL SIZE!!!!!!! Jay, the groom to be, was ecstatic! He ate and ate and ate....BIG time!!!!

I usually offer the food tasting for free. And my vendors back me up because they know that  when I do this, it is because I am 99.9% sure that the couple will end up staying with them....This is something that Karen and Jay were really impressed with...they ate a king's banquet and paid zilch for it!!!

However, this time my 99/9% certainty began to fade as I saw  more and more  food come. I started getting nervous! What if all this food will simply overwhelm my clients? I kept looking at Karen struggling with every bite....we even noticed Jay's shirt button starting to, let's say:                      S  T  R  E  A  C  H .................. Luckily, they did not freak out as I feared would happen....And now......I must say  that their guests are surely in for one incredible treat!

Moral of the experience: make sure you do not eat for a few days before going to a food tasting with Diana Sciarrillo, from I Do, Guatemala!

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