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Getting Married in Guatemala, the land of Volcanoes!

Have you thought of getting married in Guatemala? And why in Guatemala? Where is it?

These are common questions. Guatemala is a country that's still not that know, so imagine how can you even think of it as an location to  get married there!

Very few sites talk about Guatemala as a destination for a destination wedding,  even though it has so many beautiful places that can be considered as perfect venues to have an unforgettable event!

Lately, Central America has began to be an excellent option for destination weddings, but we have noticed that most of the wedding sites that include Central America as a location for a destination wedding,  do not insert Guatemala as a location to get married.  This is quite strange, since not only Guatemala is an incredible captivating country, the biggest country in Central America, but it is also a marvelous place to get married in.  We have so many couples that have fallen in love with this country the minute they saw it! We have seen guests fall in love with it when they come to the weddings and then return to visit it again. We have seen people that once they get to visit it, they can't stop returning! And we have seen people that leave everything and move to Guatemala!

Guatemala is a country full of different kind of resources, rich in nature, culture, traditions, food. One of the beauties that this country has, are the great number of volcanoes that cover this land and their fascination.... Volcanoes that are still active! Volcanoes that have lakes on their crater, lakes surrounded by volcanoes, etc... In Guatemala there are 37 volcanoes!

The highest volcano is Tajamulco, 4220 meters, the highest in Central America but there are other two that are pretty high! The Tacanà, located between Guatemala and Mexico, and is 4092 meters, and then the Acatenango, 3976 meters, has two peaks,  and is the twin brother of the Fuego volcano.

And that's not it! This beautiful country has also many volcanoes that are still active, for example : Pacaya, Santiaguito and Fuego. Not only can you watch the magnificence of Mother Nature, spitting out the lava with spectacular strength from the top of these volcanoes,  but you can also climb some of them! The Pacaya is one of the most active active volcanoes in Central America in the last 500 years, but it is also the simplest to climb. If you go up by foot it takes around 2 hours to reach the top, but it can also be done on horseback. The Fuego volcano is the most impressive of the volcanoes in Central America, , with its violent eruptions. It is also one of the hardest to climb, due to the fact that it is completely covered with solidified lava and ashes.

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One of the most majestic volcanoes in this land is the Agua volcano, with its almost perfect cone and its height of 3, 766 meters. When you are on top of this impressive creation, you can see all the volcanoes over the Sierra Madre mountain range and also the pacific coastline. It's an amazing and romantic view!

There's also a very famous lake, Lake Atitlàn that is surrounded by three volcanoes. These volcanoes are Atitlàn, which lies on the southern rim of the lake,  San Pedro and Tolimàn.  San Pedro is the oldest of the three and seems to have stopped erupting about 40,000 years ago. Tolimán began growing after San Pedro stopped erupting, and seems to be still active. Atitlán has grown almost entirely in the last 10,000 years, and remains active, with its most recent eruption having occurred in 1853.

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Just for the thrill of being able to see these splendid creations,  behold the amazing view of a volcano erupting, and live the adventure of hiking and climbing one, is more than enough reason to think that Guatemala could be an excellent choice to amaze your destination wedding guests! Imagine having as a background the elegant line of a volcano, with its top delicately touched by fluffy white clouds?

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