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Go Beyond Antigua.....Try Lake Atitlan!

Go Beyond Antigua.....Try Lake Atitlan!

I really loved the description that an article in Bride's Magazine wrote on Lake Atitlán:

"Make your way  ( from Antigua) to Lake Atitlán, a mountain-ringed majestic freshwater basin in the volcanic caldera that has played a starring role in many a Mayan folktale. From the lofty village of Sololá, motorists are challenged by a nearly vertical descent to the lake, but camera-ready views that pop up around every turn compensate for the white-knuckle curves. "

Once there, why not try to stay at La Casa Colibrí, a beautifully furnished and decorated house that overlooks the lake? Floor to ceiling windows, (even in the bathrooms!!) open onto breezy terraces.....

Within walking distance is the charming village of  Santa Catarina Palopó with excellent, reasonably priced restaurants, shops for handmade textiles and many massage and healing centers.

To best appreciate the setting, book a morning on a private boat and make your way  from one lakeside village to another, shopping for hand made jewelry, textiles and  pottery. Don't forget to spend a day in Panajachel's Calle Santander....a picturesque sample of many cultures bound together by one ideal.....relaxing!!!

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