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The Guest List. The first thing that must be done when planning a DestinationWedding.

The Guest List. The first thing that must be done when planning a DestinationWedding.

You are getting married! You are wearing this beautiful engagement ring and you are soooo excited!

You can’t wait to send out the save-the-dates to everyone, chose that wonderful location you’ve been dreaming of, reserve the venue you loved when you saw it in one of your collegue’s blog.

But hold on!  There is something that you absolutely have to do first. The Wedding Guest List. Yes!  

We really have to tell you this:  It certainly is not the “exciting” part of planning your Destination Wedding.  We can even prepare you by saying that many times planning this list tends to put you through very stressed discussion with your fiancé, your mom, your mother-in-law (yes, even with her!) but…. You have to go through this! The Guest List needs to be prepared.

It is essential that you have a somewhat firm idea of who your guests are going to be for your Destination Wedding, before you start organizing anything else.  

Why is this so important? Picture this: you have finally chosen the most magnificent Destination Venue,

the one you have always dreamed of, it’s available (unbelievable!), and you happily leave the nonrefundable deposit to book it. You have been told that the area is ideal for 40 people, and you already had imagined it with round tables all layout carefully, decorated with lovely long draped linings, with elegant white candles everywhere, the stars illuminating the environment….

And all of a sudden,  your mom gives you her guest list, which she had assured you was going to be with only “a couple of friends” and when you see the final number you the list is goes up to 65! And now what?!

To avoid all this, we suggest that first of all, you talk over with your fiancé of what kind of atmosphere you would like to have for your destination wedding. Which location would be the best one for you as a couple?  Would you like to have something intimate, just for your very close friends, or an only family get together?

Or are you the type of people who love to invite all your friends,  have a large week end event, full of surprises, organized excursions, have salsa lessons, and “party all night”?  Talk about this, and decide what is the best solution for you.

With this bit of planning, and decision,  you will both be able to firmly say yes or no to the additions that come in from both your mom or your fiancé’s mother, and you will be able to finally write down the Guest List!

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