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I Do, Guatemala. Weddings of a Lifetime.

Up to now, we have never talked about ourselves...and I guess it is also proper to introduce us, don't you think? So here goes:

What is I Do, Guatemala? It is a group of wedding coordinator;  it is a company; it is a combination of professional people,  that help make your dream come true.  I Do, Guatemala believes that the most important decision you make is who you will spend the rest of your life with.......and the second most important decision is where you want to celebrate it!

Our Head Planner, Diana Sciarrillo, founder of I Do, Guatemala is Italian, married to a Guatemalan and has her family living here. She's English, Italian and Spanish mother tongue! Besides the years of experience that she has in organizing all kinds of events, from company's Conferences, to birthday parties, to weddings, Diana has excellent taste, is very efficient but most important "wants to follow exactly what her bride's heart wishes".  What matter the most for her is to make sure that she creates "the destination wedding that her bride has dreamed of " and she helps you achieve this.


But enough talking about us!

A photographer with whom we work very well gave us a wonderful surprise: this beautiful collage. Thanks to his great art work, he created a delightful potpourri made out of the many pictures he had from all the weddings that he had participated as photographer for the bride and groom. He sent it to us, and we decided to share it with you. Not only because we love it, but also because we think that it can be very useful to you. From here you can get a very clear idea of the treasures that Guatemala has, the uniqueness of this country. You can also appreciate the hard work that has been invested to be able to prepare such magnificent events, and  picture the results. All this is what I Do, Guatemala does. Follow your heart's dream and make it become true.

We are sure that you will manage to acknowledge the quality and the taste that we offer our brides and grooms when organizing their Destination Wedding. And it comes from the heart!


"Destination Weddings are not only about the event itself, but also about the memorable experience you leave in each guest's heart."


Unique touches that give a sense of originality,  a lovely romantic feeling, a memorable wisp of tenderness.....

Your taste is always respected, your desire fulfilled yet you won't be alone in choosing or deciding, for we are always there to guide you.

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