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Magical Lanterns for your Destination Wedding

Magical Lanterns for your Destination Wedding

Do you want something unique for your Destination Wedding? Would you like to have people remember your magical day?

Of course,  the fact that it is a Destination Wedding already makes it stand out, but you can always do something original that will make people keep this beautiful day  in their heart, and in yours!

We have proposed to our couples, the idea of using lanterns that will float in the night, illuminating the sky on  your special day. And not only one, but many, all lit up by your friends and family. It is atypical tradition here in Guatemala, and a beautiful way to celebrate an important and unforgettable event.  Not only does it offer a wonderful show but it also brings people together, to collaborate in an activity which not too many people know about.

Your guest seperate themselves in different groups, and a closed lantern is given to each one. Then each group has fun in learning how to open and build these lanterns, and start lighting them one by one.  And then they are all left to float up and away leaving everyone to admire the romantic and breathtaking  spectacle!



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