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The Perfect Email to send your guests before your Destination Wedding.

The Perfect Email to send your guests before your Destination Wedding.

Sometimes couples get excited with the idea of holding a Destination Wedding. But the major questions comes up: Should we ask our guests first? Will they want to come? Are they willing to make a trip for a wedding? How many people will want to come?

Well, maybe asking everyone one by one,  is a bit complicated, but there is one thing that really matters more than anything else: would it be feasible for the people that really count for you? The special friends, the ones that would be your special guests?

If they are willing to come, then the rest is just a matter of inviting and seeing who confirms!

Here is a perfect way to start finding out who of those special people would be willing to participate in your Destination Wedding:

1) Poll these guests to see if attending your Destination Wedding is feasible for them.

2) Send them this sample email  prior to committing to having a Destination Wedding and see how your special friends will answer.


"As you know, we are in the process of planning our wedding. We are contemplating having a Destination Wedding in a tropical location.

As someone important to us, we want to get your opinion on whether you could attend, given the following "ballpark" information:

- It could be a ____ or ______ night travel package requiring either a Friday or a Monday (or both) off from work. Our projected dates are ____________

- Estimated travel expenses could start at around $_________ per person, including airfare, hotel accommodations, transfers to and from the airport, and taxes.

We would love to have a Destination Wedding, but wanted to check in with our most important guests before making this decision, as we would love to share this important time in our lives with you. We are looking forward to hearing back from you!"


Send this email  out to your dear friends, and wait for their answers. Once you get them,  you can then evaluate the idea of having a Destination Wedding!

With this information you can feel safe when making your final decision!


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