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A Perfect Grooming for the Groom!

A Perfect Grooming for the Groom!


We have noticed that usually there's always so much information on how the bride should prepare herself before the big day, but there's very little information on how to “pamper” the groom! And why shouldn't he also take care of himself ?A bride loves to see her groom looking handsome!

Just because you are having a destination wedding, doesn't mean that you, groom, need to forget about yourself! You can do many things to look good!

Here is a list of tips that we suggest you should follow, so that when the photographer is ready to flash away all those magnificent pictures, you make sure you are looking your best!

These are the things that you need to take care of:  hair, hands and nails, smile and face.

FIRST OF ALL,  YOUR HAIR! Make sure that if you decide to get a hair cut, you get it back home, before leaving for your destination wedding location. Ideally it should be two days before the wedding, but of course this is not that easy, so do it the closest to your departure date. Learn which style suits your face, and if you like, you can even look for a photo of a haircut you would like to have and take it to your barber. Make sure that you do listen to what he has to say, and follow his advice. Make an appointment so that the barber doesn't have to rush through your cut!


At least three weeks before the destination wedding date, start using a male hand moisturizer every day., after having washed your hands carefully and removing all the dirt underneath your nails. If you happen to have calluses, then you must get rid of them. Crush five aspirin into half a teaspoon of lemon juice and water, and then mix until it becomes a paste. Put this paste onto the calluses and wrap your hands in a warm towel, and then cover them with a plastic bag for 10 minutes. Remove everything and rub the calluses with a pumice stone (don't do this if you are diabetic). Once you are at the location where you are having your destination wedding, ask your wedding planner to arrange an appointment for a manicure. You can easily have one there, and usually the price is very convenient. You can ask for the service to be done where you are staying, so that you don't even need to move!


Make sure that you buy a toothpaste that contains a whitening agent, but avoid any with abrasives in, since these can wear away the tooth structure. This is a very light treatment, and it is recommended to those that tend to have teeth that already tend to white. You can also start brushing your teeth with baking soda and water two times a week, and this will not only help in polishing your teeth, but will also neutralize acidic bacterial wastes and get rid of bad smells.

teethIf you would like stronger results, then make an appointment with your dentist or a teeth whitening clinic. You will have a mouth mould that is filled with peroxide gel, and your teeth will soak in the gel. This way they get bleached and they appear whiter. You can also opt for a home remedy bleaching kits, all you need to do is find out which is the best one for you.


It doesn't matter if you have a beard or not, the steps are the same. If you want to achieve a smooth shave, without any dry, red and bumpy patches, make sure you do the following things! Comb the hair with a fine-toothed comb and cut the hair you want to remove as short as it will go. This helps to make shaving easier and will also help prevent your skin from getting irritated. Rub some pre-shaving oil onto your skin, making sure you cover all the area on your face, where the hair tends to grow. You can use baby oil instead, if you like. Make sure that you start shaving when you are in the shower, or at least immediately after. Warm water helps open up the pores and softens your face, and this makes it easier to shave. Next , take a shaving brush and use it to apply the shaving cream in a circular motion. The brush lifts hair off of the face and exfoliates skin. Make sure you don't miss out this step! It is really important! Choose a shaving cream that is aloe based or one that contains vitamin E. When you have finished, apply a moisturizer instead of an alcohol based aftershave. And you will have a smooth baby skin!

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