Phyllis and Don | I Do, Guatemala

Phyllis and Don

Our precious Antigua Guatemala, a lovely colonial city in Guatemala, full of ruins, antique chapels, and lovely gardens, has been chosen again by one of our destination wedding couple: Phyllis and Don, as the ideal location.  

Phyllis and Don are an incredible couple that fell in love with Guatemala, and decided that  Antigua was the perfect place for them to celebrate their union.  They were excited about the idea of having all their friends and family coming to visit this incredible country for their wedding. They wanted something simple but significant, where you could see light touches of the typical wonders of this country, and we did our best to please them in their wishes. 

The bride and groom liked the idea of bright colors ruling in the reception but at the same time they were afraid that it could look a bit too much. Phyllis loved the idea of having  certain exotic flowers in the flower arrangements, yet she didn't want them to be overfull of these flowers. They both  wanted an environment that was warm and welcoming, so that their friends and family could feel at home.   They knew that they wanted to celebrate their marriage ceremony in the same location where their guests could have cocktails, and also in the same location where the the reception was going to take place.  Following our advice, after having considered other options, they finally chose Las Capuchinas as the ideal venue for all this.

Phyllis and Don's guests were waiting excited to enter the venue. They were all standing outside Las Capuchinas,  curious to see what was behind the enormous wooden doors. Both Phyllis and Don were at the center of the group, smiling, happy to be able to share this important event with their family and friends. When the doors opened, and they were introduced into the magical environment that had been created for them, everyone stayed right at the entrance, speechless! Eyes were looking everywhere, admiring the flower arrangements, the soft lights of the candles and the tepid illuminations from the led lights, the warm game of shadows created on the walls, the gentle music that surrounded everyone.

It was a special moment, one that was going to stay in each of Phyllis's and Don's guest's heart. A soft memory of a destination wedding in Antigua.

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