Renee and Marat | I Do, Guatemala

Renee and Marat

We finally reached  the long awaited Christmas Holidays! And throughout the years of experience in this field, we have seen how so many future brides choose this season as the best period to organize their destination weddings. And why is that? Well, first of all it is a magical period! Second, people are on holidays, so they are free to move! Third, there are plenty of days to be able to organize various activities and have people enjoy their stay...

Right now, we are in the middle of a beautiful destination wedding, organizing all the last details to make this event enchanting  for our bride and groom. They decided to get married today! And have invited all their guests to come to Guatemala right after Christmas.

The fact that people tend to be in holiday helps, and so many guests from all over are coming in. They are all full of joy, and dying  to assist to this magnificent long awaited destination wedding.  Everybody is getting prepared for this ceremony, dresses getting ironed,  shoes shined, hair combed.

Shuttles still come and go, picking up the last people that are arriving to Guatemala’s airport and taking them to Antigua.  Our staff is making sure that the venue is set just as our bride wants it to be! Magnificent flower  arrangements , with so many different types of candles are being placed all over, both in the venue and the location where the reception is going to be. Even the catering is finally preparing the last delicate dish which has been chosen by the bride and groom, who are certain that their guests will delight tasting it!

The guests curiosity and enthusiasm of Antigua Guatemala is so contagious! Many started asking for the bracelet for  the hop on and drop off city tour that is being offered to them by the bride and groom, and now it looks like almost all of them are taking this tour!  We also organized a lovely dynamic hike up the Pacaya Volcano on Sunday, which both the bride and groom have been asking us to coordinate, and at the beginning few had singed up. Now we are thinking of dividing the group since they are so many! 

This is what a Destination Wedding feels like!   Congratulations Renee and Marat!    

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