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Special Moments That Must be Photographed on your Destination Wedding!

Special Moments That Must be Photographed on your Destination Wedding!


Of course you will have a photographer! And most probably a vidographer too! Everyone wants to capture such an important event so that these memories stay for ever!

Yet in a Destination Wedding you don't only have the ceremony and the reception. Let's say that you could consider it as a beautiful period where various delightful events happen and you will certainly want to remember them through out the years! What does this mean? Well, you won't want to have just pictures of the SPECIAL DAY! What about all the other days? When you arrived to the location, when your friends got there, when you met with everyone at the welcome party? When you and your bridesmaids went to get spoilt at the SPA and the groom and the groomsmen when to enjoy a golf day? When the shuttle or tuc-tucs went to pick everyone and take them to the rehearsal and then to the rehearsal dinner?

When everyone is clumsily dancing salsa, trying to follow the teacher? When you all struggle up the volcano to see the magnificent view?


You certainly want to remember those unique little moments too! They all take part of your Destination Wedding!

To make sure that you do get to keep these special moments, we suggest to do this:

1) Talk to a family member (or a close friend) that you now has passion for photography or at least is used to have a camera in his/her hand. Tell him to go ahead and shoot photos through out the entire stay at the destination wedding's location.

2) Make sure that you do take pictures when you told your parents about your engagement. You can use your phone to record the sharing of these wonderful news!

3) If you are going to celebrate with those friends that don't make it to the destination wedding, make sure that you do capture whatever party or festivity you do to celebrate with them!

4) Email your friends that couldn't make it to the destination wedding, and ask them to answer a set of questions and video the answers. It will be priceless to see your grandparents' advice for a happy marriage.

5) Ask your friends, specially if they are traveling in groups, to take pictures of the trip, pictures of the airports, of the ride to and from the airport, of the arrival to the hotel/houses, etc.

6) You already informed your friends of the activities that will be done when in the location. Now all you need to do is ask them to take pictures, tons of them, of everyone, so that they can later give you copies, and you can keep what you like!

7) Ask the friends of the groom and your bridesmaids to take pictures of what they do on the morning before the wedding. It will be so much fun to see each others activities!

8) You need to ask one of your guests to film you and your fiancé the night before the wedding, telling the story of how you met; of how you feel about the following day; of how you see the future as a couple.

9)   Now isn't your honeymoon one of the most important parts of your wedding, if not maybe the most important? Of course you need to have lots of pictures! So make sure that either a phone or a camera is always on your hands, so that you can take shots of many of those precious moments and remember them for ever!



Based on the article "10 Key Moments to Capture From Your Destination Wedding", Posted by Amy Hubbard, March 10th 2014 on blog.destinationweddings.com ("this is a guest blog form our friends Wedding Mix").


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