Stacie and Edgar | I Do, Guatemala

Stacie and Edgar

Today there are so many couples that are looking for extravagant places to get married, in search of an exotic location where they can say the awaited "yes" and start their new life as a couple. The idea of having a Destination Wedding is getting each day more appealing and we can assure you that it's totally doable and quite wonderful! Guatemala is one of those exotic places, where you can pick any kind of background for your wedding. In Antigua Guatemala, a beautiful colonial town near the capital, couples go wild trying to decide in which venue they want to have their ceremony, reception, cocktail, pictures! La Ermita is one of these venues, a lovely ruin which goes back to 1664, when it was built. The real full name if Ruinas de la Hermita de Santa Cruz, and it's one of the most antique churches in Antigua Guatemala. Due to the numerous earthquakes that Antigua went through, (two main ones 1717, and 1773), it suffered several damages, and now the temple is not open to the public, but you can easily appreciate its magnificent facade, and as a background for a wedding ceremony it's impressive and totally unforgettable.We have had so many couples that have gotten married there, both in the afternoon and in the evening. The effects that can be there are infinite, including having a striking firework spectacle or sending lanterns up in the sky... what can be more romantic?   One of our couples that chose to have their wedding ceremony, cocktail and reception is Stacie and Edgar.  They were happy  to share their beautiful pictures with us and we chose the best ones that illustrate the beauty of this incredible venue: La Ermita! 

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