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Stella and Aldo

As always, when we receive the pictures of the destination wedding of our brides and grooms, we love to share them with you in our blog. And the pictures are the best way to keep this memories! So it is useless to say that we always wait breathlessly to see these magnificent pictures.... And here, finally, we have the images of Stella and Aldo's destination wedding, one that we enjoyed so much! Guys, we  wish you once more the very best in your union (and congratulations for the future heir)! May you and your future family be blessed! Stella and Aldo, had decided to do their Destination Wedding in Antigua. They decided to have their ceremony and the reception at San Jose El Viejo.

As you can see, the environment was soft and romantic, with long white drapes falling down from the ceiling, and high transparent cylinders with floating candles, placed along the aisle:

The choice of flowers, together with the candels,  accentuated the elegant and refined ambiance that had been created. And this same delicate and fine taste is also reflected in the reception. And the last touch to close this magical night: FIREWORKS AND LANTERNS!

CONGRATULATIONS STELLA AND ALDO. YOU ARE A LOVELY COUPLE!                                                                                    

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