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The Ten Most Common Mistakes When Organizing a Wedding

The Ten Most Common Mistakes When Organizing a Wedding

Unless you are a wedding planner, you are probably not an expert in organizing a wedding, particularly because this is probably your first (and only) wedding you will plan. For this reason, we would  like to present you with the ten most common mistakes made by couples when organizing a wedding.

  1. Not establishing a budget

Most couples get all excited about planning their wedding, that they do not remember to establish a budget.  They start hiring vendors and signing contracts without paying attention to their actual costs. Make sure you sit together and decide what the important aspects of your wedding are. For example, some couples might think that the food they offer  Must be of the best quality and want to be "remembered" by it. Others might want to put more emphasis on the music etc. Once you have established this, take it from there.

2.   Exceeding the number of guests

Before you decide on a venue, make sure you have an exact idea of the number of guests you want to invite and stick to it. Do  not count on the supposition that "most guests do not show up".  Statistics say that 80% of the guest do show up.

3.   Last minute beauty treatments

Many brides to be think that having a last minute facial or tanning will make then look fresh and radiant on the day of their wedding. This is definitely Not true. Most last minute treatments will result in a tragic, stressful, experience. Also extreme diets might cause a bride to be to either Not fit into her dress (it will be too big) or leave her feeling faint.

4.   Give the MOB (Mother Of the Bride) too much responsibility on the day of the wedding

Many brides turn to their mothers last minute thinking that since they will be too busy getting ready, mother will be there for them. Wrong! Mother will be dealing with many issues, specially personal ones, and will probably be the Last person who will be able to be in control. Make sure that you have a Team of friends and family members who will be able to help, delegating different responsibilities to each one.

5.  Doing  it all yourself

As a wedding planner, I strongly suggest you take on a wedding planner to handle your wedding. Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, a day you are -able to enjoy stress free. Wedding planners are there for that! If you feel you can't afford a wedding planner for the whole planning  process, there are "day of" wedding planners whose role is to make sure everything flows smoothly on the day of the wedding. They charge either charge by the hour or make a package deal.

6.  Changing your mind

If today your favorite color pattern in the whole world is purple but tomorrow it turns  out to be green, you are sure to cause a major disaster! Changing your mind constantly affects every single aspect of your wedding, from your bridesmaids dresses to your favors. It is important to stick to one decision.

7.  Crying over spilled milk

Yes, you envision a perfect ceremony..BUT something might always turn out not quiet as you expect it. Don't worry! Probably you will be the only one who knows!!! If you cry over every little detail, you are sure to stress yourself to the point where  your wedding will be a major nightmare for you!  Take things with a positive attitude and enjoy yourself!

8.  Leaving everything for the last minute

Sometimes brides think that most of the thing can be left to the last minute..... If you do this, you are sure to run into major setbacks.....there is nothing about your wedding that can be left last minute!

9.  Ignoring religious limitations

Most religions have certain aspects that must be respected. Make sure that your wedding gown follows the dress code that the church you are getting married in establishes. You do not want to be walking down the aisle with Grandma's shawl wrapped around your shoulders!

10.  Deciding not to have a rehearsal

Omit the rehearsal dinner if you have to but do NOT omit the rehearsal! Rehearsals are a Must, Specially for destination weddings, where even the bride and groom might not have seen the ceremony site before. You need to make sure that the day of the wedding everyone involved knows exactly what  they need to do.

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