Tina and David | I Do, Guatemala

Tina and David

We have been so busy and so excited the whole past week. It was Tina and David's week, our bride and groom of this period, and I do, Guatemala had been  in turmoil organizing all the various magnificent events programmed throughout the whole week end! So many people were coming to Guatemala city on different days and different times, all waiting for their drivers to pick them up and eager to see what Antigua Guatemala looks like! Some a bit scared, others very excited, others a bit drowsy,  but all with large smiles and eager to be able to share such an important event with the happy couple, who decided to do their destination wedding in Antigua Guatemala! Starting on Friday with a Mehndi Pic-nic and then a Rehearsal dinner, continuing on Saturday, the magical day, where the destination wedding took place with a Hindu Ceremony together with a Jewish Ceremony,  that later turned into a joyful reception celebrated at Capuchinas, and then ending on Sunday with a farewell brunch... everyone was so overwhelmed and totally breathless  with all the wonderful colors,  the lights and happy laughter lived through out these days!   Specially the bride and groom! And that's not all. In between, for those adventurous guests who wanted to visit the wonders that Guatemala has to offer, the bride and groom organized a fantastic hike up the Pacaya Volcano, and also a lovely day trip to Lake Atitlan to admire the beauty of this wonderful place! Enjoy the pictures, and CONGRATULATIONS Tina and David. We really enjoyed sharing these days with you!  

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