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Who Pays for a Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

Who Pays for a Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

Who pays for a Destination Wedding Rehearsal dinner?

 This is an issues that comes ups very often when organizing Destination Weddings for our brides and grooms!  Tradition asks for the groom's parents to pay the bill of a rehearsal dinner. That's a fact. However, weddings before were usually celebrated in one's home land, either the bride's or the groom's. Now days, things are different. More and more people are wanting to have a Destination Wedding, and therefore tradition doesn't play a major role anymore. Wedding events are being paid by joined forces, where the bride and groom contribute or even pay for the entire celebration!

How can you, the bride and groom, integrate differences between a budget that needs to be honored and making your destination wedding guests feel welcome in a foreign country? Is that possible?  You, as a bride or groom,  certainly feel responsible for your guests. You want to make sure that they are enjoy every day of their stay in the location you chose to marry! You want them to feel attended and well taken care of. And this can be done without having to invite them all to the rehearsal dinner!

From our experience, almost all rehearsal dinner guest lists include the family (parents, siblings, grandparents, aunt and uncles), the best man and the maid of honor. And this  is common knowledge, so the rest of the guests that haven't been invited, are quite content with this.  Of course, if you are a couple that wants to make your guests feel welcome all the time, then what you can do is, after the rehearsal dinner ends, invite all your guests to have a few drinks on the house at a specially chosen bar or pub, where everyone can be together and have fun.

As for who pays the rehearsal dinner, well, it really depends on what has been said! If your father or father-in-law offers to pay for it, not only do you have to accept expressing your gratitude, but also make sure you ask what the budget is, so that you can respect it fully. This way, both sides are quite comfortable.  The father or father-in-law is happy because he has followed the tradition and did the right thing, and the couple, on the other side, knows what the limit is money wise, and can respect it.  Of course, if you want to have more than what the budget can include, then you can put the difference,  and not feel guilty about it!  And remember!  The rehearsal dinner does not have to be as grand as the reception!

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