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Why Antigua Guatemala?

When contacting me, many people ask me "why would you say I should consider Antigua Guatemala as my destination for may wedding?

To that, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and let my heart do the talking!

Why Antigua Guatemala?

Antigua has a reputation for being a safe and authentic Latin American destination. It was originally Guatemala’s capital, and has maintained much of its old charm. Being surrounded by volcanoes (some active), it truly is a beautiful setting!

Due to its popularity amongst tourists and its very well developed tourism infrastructure, Antigua Guatemala is often used as a central location in which many choose to set up base and from here, visit other tourist areas in Guatemala and Central America. Cruise ships that dock at Guatemalan ports offer trips to Antigua from both the Pacific and Atlantic.

Antigua also holds a sizeable retirement community from the US as well as Europe as its colonial charm has appealed to many who have crossed paths with this enchanting and romantic town.

And this is where we come in...The romance! The volcanoes, the numerous ruins...the fabulous sights..all add up to offering the ideal place to hold a truly romantic wedding!

Contact us and let us offer you the wedding of your dreams!

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