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Why not Guatemala for a Magical Wedding ?

Why not Guatemala for a Magical Wedding ?

Are you dreaming of a wonderful romantic place where you could have your wedding? You don't want to do it in the usual places; no, you would like something different, something incredible.......

We have already talked so many times about considering Guatemala as the answer to your innumerable questions! The Conquistadores rode into Guatemala searching for gold, found it and stayed there! So why not you? For anyone who comes to Guatemala, and specially Antigua,  looking for a wedding inspiration will find that here you can blend the elegance of the Old Colonial World architecture to the vibrant New World culture.  Here is an exotic destination for a state of the arts wedding celebration! Plan your Destination Wedding here, and don't think it's impossible. There are so many advantages in organizing it here and not where you are! First of all, you will certainly need somebody to help you out, so you won't be totally stressed out in doing it all by yourself! Second of all, you will be already in an exotic land, so you can turn it in your honeymoon too! Third , your friends will have such a wonderful time, combining a special wedding to visiting a magnificent country!


Oh I know what you are thinking. But it will be really expensive. This really depends on you! There are so many ways to be able to organize a wedding and yet have it turn out to be a marvelous event. Here is where we come in. We can propose to you exactly what you need according to your budget. And if you haven't even started in thinking of one, we help you out in the details of what must be included in a destination wedding and of what isn't necessary at all. We create this budget for you, with the flexibility of decreasing it or increasing according to your wishes and guide you in deciding what is best for you.


And you are thinking now, yes, but how do I start looking for places, etc.? Easy! We look for you. We already have a lot of contacts and with our experience we give you a list of the best people you can work with. Actually, all you do is pick "this or that", say "yes or no". And you don't have to worry about anything else. The hard, boring, stressing part is managed by us.

You just relax and Enjoy!




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