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Why not try a Chicken bus?


How to take your Destination Wedding guests from one place to another?

Yes, you certainly have to worry about how to move your guests from one place to another once they are in the location where you are going to have your Destination Wedding.

It is quite usual for the bride and groom to pay for at least one of the transport services that the guests have to take. Besides offering the pick up service from the airport to the location, it is "polite" to offer also an internal transportation, either from the hotels or houses to the place where the ceremony is taking place or from the ceremony to where the reception is going to be.

The bride and groom have to think about this too, and they need to make sure that it is well organized, since they won't be there to make sure everything is done right.

Here in Guatemala, we propose a really original and very much FUN alternative to move your guests around:   A Chicken Bus!  

What is it?  It is a retired north American school bus  with vibrant paint, of all kind of different colours, used also to write the bus' name. They are called Chicken buses, because in Guatemala, this form of transport is completely stuffed with passengers (whenever possible) and then hard-driven to their destinations at top speed, and rural Guatemalans occasionally transport live animals on such buses.

Being something very typical, and also very bright and colourful, this bus attracts attention! And we offer this bus (of course not with the Chickens!) to  rent it just for you and your guests.... It is an experience that few people can have, and all our guests that have tried it have really enjoyed it!

We suggest to do this after the ceremony, when you gather all your guests and take them to the reception. Everyone is excited, happy and very curious when they start going up the steps and into this bus. Pictures can be taken, and even drinks are offered, or music can be played in the bus! And everyone enjoys this experience!




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