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Wednesday, 17 Nov, 2010

Why stick to the ordinary? How about making your wedding ceremony special? If you have already chosen Antigua Guatemala as your are already a step ahead! Now add some special details.....

  • Include a wine ceremony
  • Include the unity candle ceremony
  • Give a single flower from your bouquet to both your mother and mother in law as you walk down the aisle
  • Take your vows by candle light
  • Have the church bells ring immediately as you are declared husband and wife
Wednesday, 17 Nov, 2010

Now a days, it is very common for couples to look for something different to say and do at the altar. If you are among these  "innovative" couples, start by considering what is important to both of you; customize the proceedings to your own values and dreams! Be sure, however, to check with your officiant about rules and guidelines.

Here are some areas couples often personalize:


Tuesday, 16 Nov, 2010

Through the years of planning weddings in Antigua Guatemala, we have come across many questions asked by our couples. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions that may apply for most weddings:

Friday, 15 Oct, 2010

Are destination wedding invitations different from regular wedding invitations? This is a question I have been asked many times.....and  all I can tell you is what I know.....The real difference between the two is the guest list.

Wednesday, 29 Sep, 2010

Close your eyes...picture yourself in your room, getting ready for your big look towards your window and are in Antigua Guatemala! Look at those volcanoes that are majestically set around your window....standing tall, saluting YOU on your day...............

You put your veil more glance towards the your eyes catch the sun that is slowly setting between the volcanoes...adding the perfect hues to your is time.....

Monday, 27 Sep, 2010

Antigua Guatemala is a state of the arts location, however planning a wedding from afar can be quiet a challenge! Dave and Brea Kopetsky just had a wonderful wedding celebration in Antigua Guatemala and wrote the following:

"Coming from the states, we first tried to plan our dream Antigua, Guatemala wedding ourselves.  Then we got connected with I Do Guatemala.  In the end Brea and I both agree that there is NO WAY we could have pulled off such an event without their assistance!

Monday, 27 Sep, 2010

When joining a bridal registry, try and keep these ten tips in mind:

  • Register early
  • Do it together
  • Register for whatever you want
  • Think about how you live and register accordingly
  • Check store's return policy
  • Hit all price ranges
  • Double the number of gifts than the number of guests
  • Update your registry often
  • Consider gift cards
  • Don't forget to send thank you cards
Monday, 20 Sep, 2010

The word trousseau comes from ancient times when brides brought their own things with them into their new home. Usually these things were made by the bride or the bride's immediate family (mothers, aunts, grandmothers).  Today, most "brides-to-be" do not count on the time to be able to "make"their own things to bring into their new home, but the need for the bride to do so still exists.

Thursday, 16 Sep, 2010

" Regular"  wedding etiquette usually requires attendants to pay for their own clothing, accessories, hair and make up, travel, lodging, and gifts. However, since destination weddings are on a much smaller scale, you may choose to help out. Remember that what you choose to do for one person, you must do for all. You could consider the following:

Thursday, 16 Sep, 2010

Wedding dresses come in different shapes. We have posted useful information so you can try and  find the style that best fits your figure.


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