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Discover Guatemala

Of course we that live in Guatemala, have visited so many of the beautiful places that it offers and know so much about the beauty of this country, think that everyone should have their destination wedding in Guatemala! With its magnificent archaeological, natural and cultural wealth we could consider Guatemala the “heart of the world”. But it is not only us to think so!

We have had so many couples that every year chose Guatemala as their destination for their wedding. They fall in love with the genuine feel of this country, with the friendliness of the people, and of course, with the exquisite variety of nature that can be found. From the sea coast to the jungle, to the Spanish colonial town, to the Mayan ruins, there is so much to see, and to admire that not only you but also your guests will fall in love with this country!

There are 37 volcanoes in Guatemala, and in the month of March, when the harvest of sugar canes has ended, there is no landscape that can compare to Guatemala’s coastline and its wall of volcanoes standing out of the “Sierra Madre” mountain range.

How can we not propose this marvelous country to you all? There are so many places to visit where you can admire the Mayan cultures:  Tikal, for example!

Just going to Tikal is enough to understand the richness of the Mayan culture, and what is amazing is that it is still “virgin”. By this we mean that it is not a typical tourist place, where the ruins are there and that’s it! No, when you get to Tikal, you explore, you look, search, you feel as if you were in the middle of the jungle. You can hear the roars of animals, the chirping of birds, and other noises that you have no idea what they are! It is an experience that you can’t forget.

Imagine your guests admiring these amazing ruins? They can come to your wedding and then organize a trip to go and visit Tikal...isn’t it tempting?!

And wait! That’s not it. Besides Antigua Guatemala, which is a lovely Spanish influenced colonial town, Tikal, and the volcanoes, there are also the lakes in Guatemala which are amazing. Lake Atitlan for example. This lake is beautiful, surrounded by majestic volcanoes, with small little towns all around the coasts. The views are breathtaking, specially at sunset!

So... when is the date?

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