Venues | I Do, Guatemala


An ex-convent, now it is a magnificent hotel, with lovely gardens, ample areas, and an ancient chapel that lost its dome after numerous...

Built in 1664, but almost completely destroyed by numerous earthquakes, of this venue only remains its incredible facade, which is a work of art...

Cerro de la Cruz, a hill that offers a spectacular view of Antigua and its surroundings. 

The 5th convent in Antigua Guatemala, built in 1736, this convent had sixteen reclusion cells, all placed in a circular shape that surrounded the...

Santa Clara, in 1695 was created to be a monastery for the Claristas Nuns. 

This church was built in 1740, and after having suffered various rough earthquakes, it turned into a magnificent ruin with a special charm. 

Qui nunc nobis videntur parum clari fiant sollemnes in!

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