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Weddings in Atitlan

Have you ever heard of Lake Atitlan? Did you ever consider it as a location for your destination wedding?

Lake Atitlàn is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world! Located in Sierra Madre mountain range in the highlands of Guatemala, it is surrounded by three 10,000-foot volcanoes, and lies within a large volcanic caldera.

With its extraordinary landscape, lake Atitlàn is full of small characteristic towns around it (Panajachel,    Santiago Atitlán, San Pedro la Laguna, Sololá)  and is known for its   cultural diversity of indigenous Maya people.  The air you breath here is nature, beauty and tradition; having a destination wedding in this location is not only exotic, but absolutely breathtaking!

Many brides and grooms have been captivated by the alluring charm around Lake Atitlàn and have decided to have their destination wedding there and asking us to organize it for them. It is true that Panajachel is almost three hours away from Guatemala city, and that services there are not easily accessible but we love creating the enchanting environment for a magnificent destination wedding there! The view that can be seen as background when saying “yes” to your loved one is overwhelming, with its deep green nature, the high peaks of the volcanoes all around and the clashing blue-green color of the lake...

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